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Is there a city that covers the indefinite wings of your dreams? Is there an experience that is particularly beautiful because it is true? Is there a start, to prove the power of walking; Is there a companion, as solid as a rock, who will accompany you through mountains and rivers until death do us part? When travel becomes a way of life, each trip is not only a small life to explore the world, but more engraved in your life time axis one after another harvest and accumulation of forward energy cut-off point; As time goes on, it helps you build up a solid and powerful coordinate of your life.
Mido Multifort series chronometer watches, with strong and reliable shaping outstanding, with the ultimate pursuit to ensure the precise timing of every moment, give you a solid company in the mountains and rivers.
The majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge is the ultimate embodiment of human ambition to cross the sea. Since its debut in 1932, this pioneering work of the industrial revolution with steel structure and precision structure has carried the safety of vehicles with its tenacity and strength. Born in the harbor Bridge two years after the passage of the Swiss Mido watch Multifort series, adhering to the design essence of the harbor Bridge, the realization of the production process and the ultimate pursuit of performance, become the name of the “king of quality”. Invite someone who shares your love of adventure, strength, flexibility, and passion. They will be the perfect companion for your journey.
The brown dial, paired with satin polished stainless steel PVD rose gold case, features an exceptional and delicate appearance, just like you. The 42mm dial is decorated with a vertical Geneva ripple, the sea like the sparkling water represents the sea like you as broad and broad mind and innate spirit of adventure; Also use PVD rose gold gold-plated process pointer and case two echo, is your portrayal of the details as always the ultimate pursuit; The first quarter of the swivel dial and hands are white super-luminova ® for easy reading at night or underwater. 200 meters waterproof, transparent back, as a diving watch, it is the perfect collision of art and practicality, in line with your dual pursuit of appearance and inner.
Born with a tacit understanding, you are destined to become partners on the journey, whether it is diving, sailing, climbing mountains, through the jungle…… Every time you set out, it is a tacit partner to help you accumulate the strength to move forward in life. At the same time, the rubber watchband more fit your wrist, the achievement of your intimate and comfortable contact; Double helix crown, 2 o ‘clock position is used to measure the time when the watch enters the water, 4 o ‘clock position is used to adjust the time and winding; Double – sided anti – glare sapphire mirror also makes time reading easier during travel.

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