Just how to cosplay Magneto

If you participate in comic conventions, the first thing you should do is to think about your favorite personality to obtain inspiration. There are numerous worthwhile characters with fascinating tales.

X-Men Cosplay Costumes

Magneto is the super villain of the American Marvel Comics. It debuted in the first issue of X-Men (September 1963) and was the number one enemy of the X-Men. His real name is Max Eisenhardt, who was pseudonymous to Erik Lensherr, and he is a mutant who can control the Earth’s magnetic field and use the magnetic field to fly himself up. Magneto and Professor X have been friends for many years. For human reasons,Magneto have separated with Professor X and created a variant brotherhood. Because of the cruelty of World War II and the madness of human beings to the mutants, Magneto hated humans extremely, and repeatedly matched the superhero team such as X-Men and Avengers who blocked him.

Although Magneto is a super villain, there are still many people who like his clothes. The magneto’s cosplay costume is dominated by deep red, so let’s take a look at the specific details.

X-Men Cosplay Costumes


The magneto’s helmet covered most of the head, but only revealed his face. In the forehead of the helmet, there are some ring lines. At last, the weight of the entire helmet is heavier than the average helmet.


Magneto’s clothes include blouses, pants, vests and waists.  The coat is dark red and has a special decoration on the hem of the dress. This dress is made of cotton and linen and is very comfortable to wear. The trousers are also deep red, embroidered with bright skin on both sides of the thigh. The magneto’s vest is the focus of the entire cosplay costume, and the clothes are attached to the cloak, making you look more like a superhero. There are white and black stripes on the front of the vest, which looks very cool. Finally, his waist is also great, you can also use your own waist instead.


The Magneto’s equipment includes a pair of shoulders, a pair of hand guards, a pair of gloves and a pair of leggings. The shoulders add black and white to the crimson background, and the pair of shoulders are placed on the shoulders, making you feel stronger. His gloves are mainly black, and the gloves are worn on the hands. The leggings of the Magneto cosplay costume are made of bright leather and the quality is very good.

At last, you should prepare a pair of shoes by yourself, and you should remember that this pair of shoes must be matched with clothes.  

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Put on this cosplay costume, then you can also feel the power of the magneto! 

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